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    I work for an agency and so can be pretty much sent anywhere at anytime and at the moment i am having to pay for a taxi to and from work which is costing me £6 each way. I started at a new place and 2 of the lads have the model 15 well ones a model 15 and i think the other is the model before it if there was one but its definitely an e rider bike. I got talking to the both of them and now i have come to the conclusion it might be worth me buying one on lease as that way i can save the taxi fairs and the headache of having to catch buses to the jobs im sent to. Im just a little stuck though as i like the model 15 special edition idea that it has the longer lasting battery which would be more practical to me due to being able to take jobs further a field but was taken back on the fact its not offered on lease so that left me with the model 15 till i spotted the rondo which i fought would be a decent bike as the model 15 might confuse drivers into thinking i can do 30mph as the one lad did mention he has got into arguments with drivers thinking he was driving slow on purpose. The rondo to me looks more like a push bike and so i think would be less of a thing to explain to people that its classed as a push bike. But i do like the look of the Model 15 and so im stuck between the 2 to me there isn’t much difference spec wise but the 15 has more storage which can and would come handy. Does anyone have any advice on which would be best for me. Im quite tall and im a decent size in build and weight size and so just wondering if the rondo might be a bit small

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