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    Dawid Ptak

    Hi Has anyone have an idea why my erider mode 30 stop in rain ? If I leave it outside and it rained then I sometimes can’t get it go ( even though it is unercover). Sometimes on humid mornings it happens too ( morning dew?). Few times I got caught in rain ( I commute to work 26 miles ) and after few miles the engine started to lose power in jerky motion then stop altogether till I switch the lights off. Very strange because I can go as normal after that but a second I turn lights on the bike start with the trouble again. Twice when it was raining particularly heavy it stopped altogether and I had to push it home ( luckily I had only 4 miles left). I have replaced left switch ( it was jamming) and display (was blinking ) but it did not changed the bikes behaviour during the rain. My guess is that there must be something wrong with wiring or regenerative braking. The engine doesn’t simple stop it feels like regenerative breaking kicks on. Has anyone had similar thing happening ?

    Paul IOM

    The most exposed component in relation to rain is probably to side stand safety switch, give that a good spray with WD40 and work it a few times, if this is faulty/corroded it will cut power in the way you describe.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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