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    i got my e rider 15 last week, built it up and went to start it but but there is no power, any ideas?

    Paul IOM

    Check that the battery pack is definitely plugged in its under the floor panel, lift out the battery and check.

    Do you have any power to the dash display horn, lights etc? did it take a charge when you first plugged the charger in? or did the charger just show green straight away?

    Ken Ferguson

    My suspicion is you need to put the trip switch under the seat to the on position but please email us directly and we will get it resolved.


    Duncan Halligan

    Dear team,iv`e done all of those & the trouble is still there. No power & power cutting out in drive.

    Paul IOM

    “No power & power cutting out in drive.”

    Sorry i’m a little confused, so the bike has ELECTRICAL power? it switches on and comes to life, lights and horn work, and it drives? but it lacks power in relation to its performance when ridden? am I reading this correctly?

    Probably best to give E-Rider a call and talk through the problem with Ken.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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