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    Whenever i charge my battery i have always remove it from the bike first, as i am unsure of what it means by the following ‘Avoid reverse charging’ which is an instruction on the saftey manual that came with the charger/bike. Could someone please clarify what this means. Many thanks in advance.


    Hey Smorris,


    from wikipedia, reverse charging is described as:

    Subjecting a discharged cell to a current in the direction which tends to discharge it further to the point the positive and negative terminals switch polarity causes a condition called cell reversal. Generally, pushing current through a discharged cell in this way causes undesirable and irreversible chemical reactions to occur, resulting in permanent damage to the cell. Cell reversal can occur under a number of circumstances, the two most common being:

    – When a battery or cell is connected to a charging circuit the wrong way around.
    – When a battery made of several cells connected in series is deeply discharged.

    In the latter case, the problem occurs due to the different cells in a battery having slightly different capacities. When one cell reaches discharge level ahead of the rest, the remaining cells will force the current through the discharged cell.

    TL;DR: Don’t swap the charging wires the wrong way around, the other problem with one cell from your battery being unbalanced with the other cells would be harder to correct, as this would require balance charging, which I am not sure if the charger does or not.

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