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    Graeme Arno

    My Moda 2 years old now and as one of the first to buy got the promotional discount price. I’ve covered 1200 Km’s with no problems. I’ve only traveled 42 Km’s in range on one charge with no probs. Still does 29 MPH. My question is whether I should be prepared for any faults? Any high mileage users may be able to assist? Holding out now for the price drop on a Tesla Model 3 to totally go green!!!

    Paul IOM

    Nothing to worry about, my original model 30 did 2000km with me and is now on loan to friend who has done another 500km on it, i’ve probably dine a similar amount of distance on my current model 30 city with no problems other than servicing the front brake caliper a couple of times to sort out brake squeak, so with your moda just keep a check on things like brake pads and tyres.


    I have had a model 18 for 10 months done over 5000 km , only problem the chain gets loose
    Easy to fix by a bike shop for about £ 30
    So 2000km is not far

    Paul IOM

    Your moda has no chain to worry about, just periodically check it over for snything coming loose (wheel nuts, bodywork fasteners for example) and the other bits I mentioned above.

    Compared to a petrol engine It has no oil to chsnge, no spark plug, no chain or sprockets,and no air cleaner.

    It needs about as much maintenance as a kettle!!

    Chris Cotton

    Hi Graeme Arno,

    I’ve had my Moda for a similar amount of time and was also one of the first customers. I’ve done 1600 miles with no real problems. I’ve been through wind, rain and snow without issue… never cleaned it and not even inflated the tyres (I probably should).

    The only issues I’ve had are that the reverse switch stopped working (not really a problem) and theres some light corrosion in a few places. I think I heard a squeak coming from somewhere this morning that I should investigate but can’t imagine it’s more serious than a bit of grease required somewhere…

    Worry ye not!



    Paul IOM

    Yoursqueak might be a sticking front brake caliper, easy to service in 15 minutes.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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