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    My names Albie from Hertfordshire.

    I purchased the Model 30 Moda predominately for my commute to and from the station 5 days a week. Circa 4 miles each way which I expect the bike to be perfect for. After a while it will be used to nip to the shops and those little trips the car isn’t worth taking out for.

    I completed my first successful trip this morning and although a bit cold everything else went fine. I’m used to cycling so have developed a habit of being very close to the kirb which I need to move away from. Most of my journey is on 30mph roads apart from a very small stretch of 40mph so the top speed of the scooter is fine.

    Ken and Paul have been rapidly responsive on any questions, queries or “newbie” comments I have made in the community section.



    l have an eletric bike which was great for my commute to work,l work in the community but found it a pain having to try and find some were to safely chain my bike up.l had heard of the E-rider so decided to look more into it and have purchased one after reading the reviews.It has not arrived yet but will hopefylly be here soon.Will update when it arrives.


    I am so thinking of getting the E-Rider 15 as I have no licence but would get it insured for safety reasons there is only the problem of the the throttle. I am so worried that I would get stopped and prosecuted by some policeman that is not an E-Bike Fan

    Can someone here that owns one of these and rides around without problems tell me of their experiences of riding the E-Rider 15 on the roads please it really would help me in deciding.

    Thanks for any help given.




    Hi Paul
    l have just recently bought an Ebike 15 and have had no problem so far,l bought it to use for commute to work.l did buy a plate to put on the back of the bike to show that it is road legal and the wattage.l also carry an Erider guide to the law just incase.


    Had my model 15 for about a week easy to assemble and I’m enjoying it. Battery seems good and the naughty pedal boost is great fun if used responsibly. Only had abuse from some woman drunks/druggies in a park wandering about the cycle lane but that is all. Dreading a puncture and the brakes wearing out and had to make up my own home made rear plate with required into displayed. Smashed one of my remote controls but for a couple of quid you can get four button learning garage door units on ebay that work well. Hope the fun keeps up. jimbo in Renfrew Scotland….


    Hello all. My name is Razvan, I live in London and just ordered a Model 18. I am looking forward to having it delivered and starting to use it mostly for my daily commute to work which is about 7 miles away. Also i would be using it for small runs for groceries.I can’t wait to see people’s reactions as you don’t see something like this every day on the road, hopefully we will se more and more as I believe they are safer than a normal bicycle having indicators,mirrors and brake lights everyone would be able to anticipate your moves if you use them corectly. Also it will be great to not arrive all sweaty at work, but still enjoying the freedom of a bicycle. I will post photos with my new bike once i will have it delivered, maybe some videos too.


    My name is steven I live in Scarborough North Yorkshire
    I’ve had a e rider 18 for about 3 months,in that time I’ve done 2650 klm
    Going out nearly every day
    Most times I do about 30 to 40 miles but my longest was 48 miles which was a bit heary the indicator was flashing red
    I absolutely love my bike it brings a smile to my face.so far not stopped by the police
    So if anyone is out there thinking of buying one go for it


    Ok, I’m Stu, live in Lincolnshire, just got myself a Erider Model 18 a couple of weeks ago to use mainly to get to work & back.
    Really happy with it so far, beats pedalling! I have one or two things to ask about it so hoping for some help in the Topics section🤞🏻

Viewing 8 posts - 61 through 68 (of 68 total)
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