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    Hello everyone, a brand new Newbie here,I have inherited a much tampered with Model 15 ! I am impressed with the build of this little machine and as a retired electrical engineer I wandered why it wouldn’t go.
    Tested all the hub motor and got mixed results ! So off with it and on the wheel rig and some serious testing, found duff hall sensors and some poor wiring, replaced hall sensors and made good poor wiring, and test again Bingo hub motor fine but still No Go, test controller power going in nothing coming out ! Pull it apart more testing found Three duff Mosfets, canabolised a scrap controller, pinched the Mosfets put them in the bikes contoller and hey presto it works ( at last )
    Now then so far I have tried to find out How the rear axle is assembled, all I have is One retaining nut and One washer I have no idea if there are any spacers on the axle itself so I’m stuck with that one ! Trying to push the bike against the front brake shows some serious play in the steering column, don’t seem to be able to get any blow up pictures of the axle or steering assembly, can anyone help or advise please, cheers everyone, Harry Morris.

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