Test Ride Electric Bike


Electric mopeds are highly reliable and need very little maintenance. For this reason we do not need a network of dealers up and down the country and we have a direct to consumer policy which helps to keep the selling price of our bikes as low as possible.

Of course, the obvious downside of this business model is that it is not possible to call in to your local bike dealer to try one out!!

However we offer a test ride Electric Bike service where for a cost of £95, we will bring any bike to your home at a convenient time and let you try it out.

If you decide to keep the bike or subsequently buy one from this website, we will refund this cost in full.

Order your Test Ride today!

Alternatively, because you are buying the bike online you have a statutory right to return within 14 days.

So order your bike and try it out.

If you decide it is not for you just let us know within 14 days and you can return it to our warehouse in Cheshire.

Alternatively we can arrange to have it uplifted and we will refund your payment less the cost of the return transport. 




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