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  • Paul IOM replied to the topic Cover Compulsary? in the forum Our Community 4 days, 2 hours ago

    Just to add, Oxford have a dedicated ‘Scoot Stuff’ section here http://www.oxfordproducts.com/motorcycle/product_type/accessories/scoot_stuff/

  • Paul IOM replied to the topic Cover Compulsary? in the forum Our Community 4 days, 2 hours ago

    Try Oxford Products http://www.oxfordproducts.com/ for covers and locks.

    E-riders are perfectly usable in wet conditions, but leaving any type of bike, electric or petrol, uncovered outside continually wont do it any good.

    With any cover ensure it is fitted securely, or the wind can get hold of them like a sail and pull the bike over.

  • Drop Ken an email, I think he’s changed one under warranty for someone else.

  • Ignore the speedo, mine goes off the clock, genuine top speed is around 32mph in high power mode, but still handy enough to keep up with town traffic.

  • Paul IOM replied to the topic No power in the forum Our Community 1 month, 1 week ago

    Check that the battery pack is definitely plugged in its under the floor panel, lift out the battery and check.

    Do you have any power to the dash display horn, lights etc? did it take a charge when you first plugged the charger in? or did the charger just show green straight away?

  • Paul IOM replied to the topic Stuck at 20 mph in the forum Our Community 1 month, 1 week ago

    I assume you have a ‘City’? if so its around the area just to the rear of the keyhole for the seat lock, mine was peeping out from the hole where the rear rack support goes through the bodywork towards the battery.

    Yours may not be visible but have a good look into the hole with a torch, failing that take the tub out under the seat which only a…[Read more]

  • Any motorcycle dealer who offers MOT’s will be able to do it.

    Most of us seem to use the same insurer (Lexham) as they know the E-Rider models and offer no hassle cover, there are no doubt others but the key thing is that they actually list the bike on their system otherwise they cant quote.

  • I’m only 5 foot – would i be comfortable on it? – The City has a reasonably low seat height so you should be fine, I can measure mine at the weekend and let you know.

    What licence do i need to ride it – If you have a car licence obtained before 2001 you already have a full moped licence, if not you will need to do CBT.

    When would it need it’…[Read more]

  • I think Ken (E-Rider Boss) has one himself, so maybe drop him an email through the site and ask him the question, and if you happen to close by the Wirral area I’m sure he’ll let you try his for size.

  • Paul IOM replied to the topic Loud charger in the forum Our Community 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    They are quite loud, mine hisses away in the background but is clearly audible.

  • Paul IOM replied to the topic Test ride in the forum Our Community 2 months ago

    If you click on the ‘Test Ride’ tab at the top of the page you should then be able to see who is around your area and signed up to the test ride scheme.

  • Hi Phil, well the speedo is very optimistic and hence something which I rarely look at, but Imdid some tests with a gps app on my phone which I stuck to the bike and it showed around 32mph on the flat using the red setting, the green gives around 27mph and amber is around 29mph.

    I haven’t noticed any degradation of speed since new, and I’m…[Read more]

  • You’ll be fine at 40psi Tracy, they do run a higher pressure than car tyres.

    Think about bicycles which run at 70+psi !!

    If the ride feels bumpy and uncomfortable at 40psi you could try lowering them by 2-3psl but that will also reduce the range of the bike a little due to the increased drag.

  • Paul IOM replied to the topic Reviews in the forum Our Community 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hi Alan, when you say speedo “not working as it should” do you mean it isn’t working at all? or is working but the needle is jumping around?.

    If it simply isn’t working it is likely to be the cable, E Rider should be able to supply one for you and it is fairly simple to fit, if it is jumping around it simply needs the cable greasing.

    The horn is…[Read more]

  • @groundanchor that’s a 20 mile round trip which the Model 30 City should manage no problem, but it’s obviously dependant on how many hills, how long, and how steep they are.

    The ‘City’ copes much better uphill than the original Model 30’due to its lighter weight and slightly more powerful motor, but on any electric scooter every steep hill knocks…[Read more]

  • To confirm, my friend was out on my old bike yesterday and said she got 12 miles with hills and flat out most of the time, before the meter hit red and the bike started to cut out just as she arrived home.

    So on 2 year old batteries not bad going.

  • I’ve never fitted the back box to either of my Model 30’s Ken, I simply carry a cable type bicycle lock under the seat and if I’m leaving the bike anywhere I just sit the helmet on the rear rack and then thread the lock through the jaw guard and the rack, it sits happily on there and with the visor pulled down it is showerproof should it start to…[Read more]

  • That does seem a little odd Jason, my original Model 30 did around 2000km and the batteries did start to loose their edge a little but not dramatically, I think I was still getting around 14 miles without any problems when the new bike arrived.

    I now have the newer Model 30 city but haven’t really tested the range yet as it tends to do lots of…[Read more]

  • I doubt it Dominic, the Model 30 City has a higher wattage motor, so the extra push on the red setting is opening up those extra watts.

    If you are brave you could try over volting by adding another 12v but it might simply fry the controller, or the in-built protection may shut the controller down.

  • A further thought on this…….if you are handy with a soldering iron, and have some spare time, why not buy some 18650 cells and build your own pack, then add a BMS unit to it, these cells are now fairly cheap and plentiful on the net.

    There are several articles on home builds out there, like the one below…[Read more]

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