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  • Hello Paul IOM,

    I was more than satisfied with that first test test ride and here are a few more thoughts on range:
    I slightly underestimated my distance on that ride, I’ve re-measured it at 18.5km each way using a route planning app. 37 KM in total. Also, I should have said that I didn’t reach the max range on that trip. The needle was well into…[Read more]

  • Hello Ayesongs,

    Thankyou for taking the trouble to reply. Firstly, I will be keeping everybody up to date on how I’m getting along because I’m actually bursting with excitement at getting to use this interesting, fabulous and good fun mode of transport for commuting. I think my work colleagues are even more excited actually…

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  • The Brake Light Question:

    My brake light is ON and doesn’t go off. Did I read about this problem on a different thread? Is there a quick fix?

  • Hi Roman,

    If you haven’t already done it, I’ve just registered my new moped in 3 weeks. That included a few days of inactivity and one failed attempt, which required me to resend the documents along with a hand written note politely inviting the clerk to read the documents properly. The response time from the DVLA appears to be 7-10 days at the moment.

  • Good morning eRider’s.

    I’m going to just be “groundanchor” for the time being. I hope nobody minds.
    This morning I finally got my new eRider 30 City legally onto the rode and and gave it a test ride.
    I live near Carlisle and I’ve got this electric moped to make my commute to work as economical as possible. I have high hopes for it but time will…[Read more]