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    Mike Smith

    I’ve had my E-Rider 15 for a few weeks now and I love it. Ken was very kind, allowing me to visit The Wirral for a test drive and answer all the questions and concerns. It was delivered within a week, it took 2 hours to assemble (even without instructions – I’d forgotten to print them), and I’m a happy bunny. Here’s why:

    Why I Love My E-Rider 15 -Top Five Reasons

    * It is ridiculously easy to ride. It’s a case of point and go, just like a fairground ride and equally enjoyable. Around the town, I have a lot more options available than car drivers – like cycle lanes, footbridges and footways, alleys and shortcuts.

    * It’s free transport. A return bus journey the other week cost me £5.40 and took around 45mins, the same journey this week took 20mins and was free and fun. I pay no road tax, no insurance, no M.O.T., no parking fees or fines, no congestion charges, no speeding fines and I don’t buy any petrol

    * I feel that I am educating my community by showing them a wonderful new mode of transport. Children watch me pass them as though I am flying a magic carpet. I can hear their parents explaining the concept of electric vehicles in the distance.

    * I think it is important to be environmentally friendly. My E-Rider leaves no fumes and consumes no fuel.

    * I can’t afford the Tesla 3 electric car. But even if I could, I would still have an E-Rider 15 for my day-to-day journeys.

    I also have compiled the legal information regarding EAPCs and the E-Rider 15, and I keep a copy with me in the saddle bag (for informing others and proving my entitlements). I attach it to this post in case anyone else finds it useful and here is a link to a higher quality PDF (!AkPsg7Y_hsvsgpNrfjDSX0DDvr7DNw ).

    Mike Smith
    PC Mike

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