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    At the moment I can only confirm this works with the 15 and 18 you would have to confirm with Erider if the same shape of key is used on other models.

    I have found a key that will fit the locks to my 15 and 18i bought them from the Timpson key cutting chain of stores, their part number is 3668 it’s a stock key.
    The key is supposed to be a Honda mc key.
    To get the key to fit correctly the fob needs a few mm off it and the shank needs reducing a bit, if you have the bike outside the locksmith will alter it to fit.
    It’s a lot cheaper than a new new barrel and keys.


    Hi will this key from Timpsons fit my model 15 rear brake lock then, as do Timpson need to see the key slot, as it would be a bit awkward taking moped to shop. as some Timpsons shop are inside malls

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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