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    Pre delivery

    Thanks to Ken and all his team for helping me out. Due to having a moped already I didn’t want another one at my house uninsured. Where could I have put it and kept it safe?

    ERIDER registered my bike for me and I then sent the number plates to them to fix on the bike.

    So when it was delivered it was delivered insured.


    Delivered on time and Ian was very helpful in explaining the bike.


    Very noisy fan on the charger, so need to charge it away from the wife. Battery real easy to get out of the bike. Charging was a breeze. The charger and fan stop once the battery is full.

    Top Box

    I have 2 helmets both large, although one is slightly larger than the other.

    The top box does not close with either helmet in. It needs to be about 1 – 2 inches taller and all would have been well.

    I currently have had to go back to my old (smaller) helmet so the top box looks almost shut. With the newer one, it has about an inch showing it’s unlocked. I either am going to just risk the helmet not being stolen or get a bigger top box. (Rare helmets are stolen?)

    Under Seat storage

    You can’t store much. I managed to get the chain and disk lock in it to transport them to the train station. I then managed to get my waterproof trousers in there just.

    Day 1 riding

    Bear in mind, I come from a petrol moped. So this is in comparison to what I am used to and not critizing this Moped.

    Having instant power to start with makes me jerk a bit, but the instant power is superb and that is just because I am used to the petrol one.

    Everything works, dam is it quiet. I need reading glasses so it’s hard for me with the colours to see the speed I am going, but it is at least 30 so all good.
    It is lighter than my previous moped so I need to get used to that, but so far so good.

    The brakes are superb, better than my moped.

    Not much else to say, but I will update this with more info once I have ridden it more.

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