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    Just took out my model 15 for a trip in the nice weather. Planned route was exactly 30km round trip. Handbook mileage says 25miles ie over 40km. I did 26km and didn’t make it back home. Thankfully the last few Ks is flat but it was hot and 1pm!! At 53 and fit I have had worse to do but my rear brake seized about 1k from home….gutted.
    Back on topic, what percentage do people generally take off for hilly terrain. I am coastal but a lot of small but hilly sections. Wish we had self charging batteries!

    Paul IOM

    Its hard to give a definitive answer on this, but from my own experience which is on ny two model 30’s, the first one being the old lead/acid battery and the current one on lithium, both are affected by hills, every steep hill knocks a few miles off the range, I havent tried a really long run on my current Model 30 City but just running around locally I always notice the gauge drops far faster after a bit of hill work.

    I did have the misfortune to run out of power once on the old bike after around 21 miles, nowhere near the claimed range, but that was riding flat out with some hill climbing,and my 6ft tall 80kg frame in the wind, range is down to many factors, just like mpg figures for petrol engines.


    the way you work out range of a battery is to use the capacity of the battery measured in something called whatt hours or Wh for short, you find out the capacity of a battery by multiplying volts(3.7volt cell x13 cells total )by the amp hours(10 for standard erider 15) this gives 3.7×10 =481 Wh.
    I bought my 15 second hand which needed a new battery the battery was the largest that would fit the space a 20ah battery with a slightly higher voltage due to number of cells and type of cell, my battery is 1064Wh just over twice the size.
    the furthest I have gone on one charge is 22 miles according to the sat nav(mostly at full power except for the last 2 miles), I would expect that I would get about 10 miles(16 km) but I am no lightweight.
    topography, total weight and how much power you use, the first two you have no control over the last you have depending how you use the throttle in town you have little choice but in the country you can gently speed up to max speed this will drain the battery less.


    I have 18 so can’t say about the 15, but I live by the sea and very hilly
    I can get about 40 miles on a single charge but on average I do about 15 miles
    Now done 5600 km since I bought it last August
    No problems yet except the chain coming of twice.
    The one thing I would like is another battery, hope one is available soon

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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