E Shopper Electric Bike

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The E Shopper is a hybrid electric bike/scooter and has all the safety features of a scooter– wing mirrors, indicators, LED lights, brake light and electronic alarm but it looks and feels like a bike to ride. The E Shopper is available in a black or white finish.

It runs beautifully on the throttle alone but can also be pedaled if you prefer. Indeed it is good for the motor if you help it with the pedals when setting off and on steep hills but, otherwise, the choice is yours.

Many thousands of these bikes have been sold worldwide and we have the exclusive rights to sell it in the UK. It is practical and reliable- perfect for a short commute or a trip to the shops. The E Shopper comes almost fully assembled and there are simple instructions and tools provided to complete the assembly process.

The lithium battery can be removed from the bike for charging and it bike will travel up to 25 miles on its 250 Watt motor at a top speed of around 15MPH.


The E Shopper is normally delivered partially assembled but can be fully assembled for an additional £95.  See User Guide below for details.

Normal lead time is 7-10 days.


User Guide

Download the E Shopper User Guide


  • Anyone 14 years or older can ride the E RIDER Model 15 on the road
  • Younger riders may use the Model 15 off road
  • The E RIDER Model 15 is not subject to Vehicle Excise Duty
  • A driving licence is not required to operate the bike
  • The E RIDER Model 15 does not require an MOT
  • Insurance is not legally required
  • The E RIDER Model 15 does not need to be registered with the DVLA
  • It may be used in bus lanes and on cycle paths
  • A helmet is not legally required
  • It is not liable to parking fines or congestion charges
  • The operator of an E RIDER Model 15 is not required to provide a breath or blood sample
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