Model 30 Max Electric Mopeds

£1,995.00 £50.00

We are not quite sure about this moped.

It is certainly a radical departure from our usual style of electric moped, however, this bike has been very popular in other countries. This is the first time we have found one with the necessary EU approval meaning it can be ridden legally on UK roads.

The Max is made from aluminium alloy and it has an alloy motor and alloy wheels. It has disc brakes front and rear and is designed to take a pillion passenger. It comes complete with a mobile phone holder and the battery is removable for charging..


The Max is a registered vehicle and would need to be registered with DVLA. Unless they have a full licence issued before 2001 riders require an AM motorbike licence or to have undertaken CBT training. Insurance is compulsory and an approved motorcycle helmet must be worn. Road tax is free.


We have not decided to order this bike yet and whether we do or not will depend on the level of interest from potential customers. We will make a decision at the end of September and, if we proceed, the bikes will be delivered in time for Christmas.

The first 20 customers who pay a deposit of £50 below will have the right to order their bike at cost price, that’s just £995.

And they can help us choose the colours!!

If there has been insufficient interest by September we will refund all deposits.


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